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7.16.02 - Got the pics page redone, changed the news section some & added some more links today. There should be some new pics up sone.

7.12.02 - Well, things have settled down, but only for about a week maybe. The shows on June 28th and July 5th both were eventful- read the writeups if you want to hear more. I wanted to thank EVERYONE who came out and supported those shows just by attending them. The fact that so many people do come really gives me a lot of encouragement to continue putting these on. All of you also deserve a lot of credit with being so understanding with us for trying to keep everyone inside for the most part. Unfortunately I think that policy is almost necesarry for shows to be able to continue up there largely so it doesn't give the outside community something to use against us- cops, neighbors, etc.

Also, big thanks for everyone who helped with keeping the strings of the July 5th show together- Matt Moon, Kevin and Brian from Franklin, and my friends Ross, Flink, and George- thanks a ton!

The circus event is definitely going to happen but things have changed up a bit with that. Originally intended to be organized as a two day event, I changed things up to focus primarily on Sunday, July 28th. It will be held at Woodcock Twp. Building in Meadville from 5 to 10:30pm with five bands throughout the day. Between bands, the circus will give presentations, workshops, etc, and there will also be vegetarian food served. The lineup is rapidly becoming solid, but I'll wait and post that until it gets absolutely definite. So definitely come out to learn stuff, eat food, hear music, and have fun!!

7.1.02 - Got some more of the site up on line. The show on the 28th went really good. Got some new pix by M.T.Moon up & there will be more coming soon. But we also have a problem. The show on the 5th @ Sandcreek will be the last one held there. Some of the naighbors complained about some of the kids being kids. So we are on the look out for another showspace. If you think you can help, or know of someone that might, please let us know. 6.26.02 - The biggest thing recently has been the progression of Wrench 222 beginning to put show advertisements in the local papers of Franklin and Oil City. Always a pricy venture, especially for DIY shows and budgets, this will hopefully prove to be a vital key in getting word out about upcoming events. For those in the area, check out "The Good Times" section included in every Friday's edition to find any Wrench 222 show ads. The immediate two shows coming up at Sandy Creek should be pretty awesome. For June 28th, 2am Revolution are pretty awesome all around. If anyone remembers A//political from a couple years ago, it's a guy or two from there, and this band sounds a lot like them as well, only more technical w/ dual female vocalists. On top of that, Teddy Duchamp's Army is coming up from da' burgh, and they're definitely one of the more talented acts forming down there. That coupled with the good local bands playing should make for a good show. July 5th should be more of the same only in a slightly different genre. The featured acts are Hokkaido Concern and Creta Bourzia. H.C., from Delaware, are straight up math rock that definitely know how to play their instruments, and Creta is just one of the better acts in Pittsburgh currently period. Other than that, there is an upcoming tentative date with the "Crimethinc Circus". This is pretty fuzzy still, but also exciting in that it sounds so unique. It's basically a bunch of kids traveling around to different areas to teach and learn new things and ideas from new people. It should be a very worthwhile experience for anyone to check out primarily to just hear and consider new ideas, outlooks, etc. Details will be posted as soon as they are determined. Hopefully another event will pop it's head up for the summer, but nothing else as of yet. I haven't really heard of any amazing touring acts coming through in the next couple months to snatch up here for a show. If anyone knows of something, give me a line. 6.26.02 - Got the site up today. Let me know if you come across any bugs.

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