This section is part of the newsletter/zine that I started over the summer of 'O3 and hopefully will continue on. One part that I wanted to see happen was a music review section that would introduce people to awesome, exciting new bands happening all over the states and the world. I would have loved it if they all would have played Franklin, but that's just not possible so i figured this would be a quicker way to let people check them out. So there will be one or two mp3 samples from each band plus a brief summary/writeup that corresponds with whatever might be said in the zine. If any of the displayed bands find this and have a problem with it, drop me a line and I'll take care of it immediately. The files will be of minimal size so as to enable anyone to check them out without a long wait and also to be able to have more of them on here. ~skip

-This is a band I randomly found out about in my college radio station days and I'm glad I did. This band is from Sweden and has been around for a long time, still together too. Undoubtedly falling into the "DISCHARGE"-esque band genre, both in sound and lyrics, they add a really tight and cleaner sense to that style. This song, "nothing but posies", is a comment on scene prestige and the ridiculousness of it.

-I was introduced to this band at Pointless fest in Philly in mid august, it was a great time and 3 days of constant awesome music. This band stuck out to me for a couple different reasons- mainly I liked their technical ability. They have dual male/female vocals that tend to switch from song to song and they use their second guitarist well. On the album that I bought- their latest (w/ PUSHEAD art)- some songs aren't that incredible, but when the songs are good, they're awesome. The song I'm putting on here deals with issues of shedding guilt that gets directed towards us when we begin to cast away the confinements of normalcy.
-----NO REMORSE (1000k)

-One of the most intense crust as fuck punk bands going on currently, this band is from all over the place. Scattered from all over the US as well as Europe, whenever they do get together to do something, it's usually pretty great. Features members of "DETESTATION", a favorite band of mine now broke up, this song featured here is an anti-religion anthem pointing heat at the false hope offered by afterlives, messiahs, etc and how that just takes off our concern for real world problems.

-Coming from Vancouver, Canada, this is one of my favorite and most influential bands personally. They really hit home to me that punk rock can be something more than just bar chords and monotany and that punk bands can do more than emulate greats from twenty years prior. They push the creative border with their content/lyrics, their instrumentalism sets great standards that everyone in the DIY punk scene should take notice, and they're just damn catchy in general.

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