UPDATE- MY APOLOGIES- I haven't updated this thing in months, literally. I'm in my last semester at college and this keeps on getting pushed aside for my 'academic pursuits'. I am almost done though, and yes to anyone who comes on here, I am still doing shows- typically about one a month. Through the winter and spring so far this year I've been using Woodcock Twp Building in Meadville and I'll be using it at least one or two more times. I'm talking with Club 237 in Oil City about having bands there- it looks like a cool place to do it at and might also be a bit more accessible for more people, or at least different people. If things work out there, I expect to probably split shows up between the two places to hit up both crowds specific to each area. Well, any questions about future shows, booking, etc give me an email at bubba_johnson@yahoo.com and expect this entire site to have a complete overhaul in the next few weeks.

directions to Woodcock Twp Building (Typical Venue):
-go to I-79, and get off of "Meadville" exit, 147A, depending on where you are coming from, it's in the upper North West part of Pennsylvania, about 30 miles approximately from the I-80 intersection
-once you get off, you'll be on US 6/322 east 2 miles to Park Ave exit (right lane)
-Pass between Taco Bell and Kwik Fill and continue to North St (Burger King on right)
-take a right at this intersection (where Burger King is), onto North St.
-go one block to N. Main St./PA 86. and go LEFT, there will be a red gas station at this intersection
-go straight up hill five miles.
-Woodcock is on the right up a slight hill.
-If you get to PA 198, you went a smidge too far.

Wrench 222 is a DIY (do-it-yourself) productions project intended to bring creative and challenging acts to rural Northwestern Pennsylvania that are usually only found in major cities. Not only is it about bringing new things to an area, but it is also meant to do so in a professional, well-organized DIY approach, and even perhaps foster community and collective-related ideas.

Wrench 222's foundation is based on the notion that for ideas and art to grow and spread, it needs to be accessible anywhere people show interest, not just where it's already popular. Northwest PA (NWPA) has been an area long receptive and supportive of underground art and culture. It has had a long running scene made up of lots of interest, passion, and energy. There are good local bands and a strong DIY spirit. This area, just as all other small-town scenes needs to be acknowledged and supported by outside acts. The reason being so that more people can check out what it is a certain band has to say or the musical innovation they have and in the end allow the above-mentioned growth and cultural exchange to take place. For any caliber DIY band, stopping in a small-town scene is important for the sake of spreading these things further than just those already in-the-know.

The approach Wrench 222 takes in putting together an event emphasizes DIY ethics while also being professional and well organized. Surprisingly, the two can co-exist. It's a large area and the biggest thing is just getting word out about something. Extensive measures are taken to do just that. Notification of events is spread through traditional flyer-ing, a growing snail-mail list, the creation of an open internet show directory (nwpashows.tripod.com), and purchasing ads in local newspapers. Bands are paid fairly, reasonable guarantees can be met, and lodging and food are provided. The concert starts and progresses on time, and everything is done to make sure the lineup stays how it was advertised. Prices are well within the DIY range. Presently, they may need to start going above the 5$ rate, but it's important to keep in mind that shows were 5$ when most of us were toddlers or not even born.

Community and collective-oriented ideas are also stressed within Wrench 222. Stepping out into the community and dispelling the taboo nature of punk rock and DIY culture is important. This has been started here by a recent partnership with the local Sandy Creek Fire Company. Because of a lack of venues in the area, they have agreed to help out by cutting their rental price to a third of the original cost. In exchange, a few concerts will be held annually as fundraisers for them. Also, benefit shows are common whenever possible. The most immediate being for the Butler "No-Kill" Humane Society.

In regards to collective-organizing ideas, this project can hopefully become something where any local promoter can turn to for assistance. This could take the form of finding others to help run a show, getting better prices for venues, help with advertising, or even financial aid (community pot) to help one avoid using their own money for concerts.

Wrench 222 is primarily about supporting the growth and spread of ideas and culture. Bands, speakers, filmfests, etc- get in touch if you have something amazing and creative to say and/or show. Anyone from the local area that checks this site out- I'd love to hear your feedback about individual events or the overall project- good or bad. Lastly, if you're interested in working together on something upcoming, by all means drop a line.

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