JULY 5th, 2002 - Oakland Firehall, Demseytown PA

(sorry, no pix here yet... should be comming soon.)

Original Lineup:
-Hokkaido Concern (math rock- Delaware)
-Creta Bourzia (Pittsburgh Indie)
-Geography (Grove City beyond description)
-4 Foot 4 (Franklin punk)
-Totally Awesome Dudes (ridiculousness on umpteen legs)

So, as I was saying in the June 28th summary, this show was now the second one out of five to have to be re-located to a new venue. I f---ing hate this when it happens. It is a huge headache for me organizationally speaking and it probably reflects badly on me as if I don't have my shit together and just didn't work out the details enough. This is not the case. The show before this, on June 28th, some kids messed around with the Sandy Creek hall a little bit and I didn't see it. The firecompany guys found it later, and got pissed off and made me move the show elsewhere at the last minute. So, it's mainly the fault of a few piss-vomit kids who I definitely now have a problem with and definitely do not want showing up at any future event I ever put on.

For a little while I considered just cancelling the show regardless of the consequences- I was burnt out with these antics- but I opted against it mainly because of the lineup that was coming through. I had been talking with Hokkaido Concern for over a year now when I was originally involved in putting on a festival at Tune Town. And to also have Creta Bourzia come up was a big event as they're one of my favorite bands in the burgh right now. I ended up finding a place about 10 miles away from Sandy Creek in a tiny tiny town with a firehall. It was a rad hall too- an old building with all wood walls, etc- like a real aged feel to it. There was a corn field literally right next to the hall, and only one neighbor closeby, so it wasn't a bad arrangement. The hall was 150$ more expensive than what Sandy Creek was, that sucked bad- I ended up not being able to pay any of the local bands but I didn't fall too far away from breaking even.

After all the arrangements had been made, something fell through with the PA guy and a miscommunication. I ended up having to pick it up myself. Already a few minutes late, I ended up locking my keys in my trunk as I was loading it in. 20 minutes later, we had vandalized my own car and were on our way, but it was getting close. We got there and there was a lot of people- I was totally surprized. We rushed in and got everything going as fast as possible or else I fear a lot of people would have left. We got things rolling in the knick of time and a buttload of people ended up coming despite the move and everything. It really made me feel like I had done the right thing in keeping the show together. The two out of town bands seemed to go over well with a lot of people and the infallible support of friends and the local bands capped it off as one of the better shows I've done- at least more memorable for sure. No matter how hard I try, something urgent always seems to come up with each show that makes it stand out loud and clear from the rest. In hindight, it's cool to be able to remember them each so distinctly, but damn if it isn't stressful in the midst of it.

As of now, I don't know where future shows are going to be at. I still plan on doing things steadily, but it might take a little time to find a good place to do it at. To date I still haven't found a viable venue within local Franklin that I would want to use consistently. Almost all firehalls are over 250$, and that filters through to make both myself and the bands lose out. Woodcock is present and affordable, but it verges on being overused. Also, it is more geared for Meadville kids rather than Franklin ones because of it's location- it's a shame there's a gap between the two scenes, but 25 miles between two places will do that. Personally, I have my fingers crossed that something comes about of the Hurtz Good project- which as of now I'm pretty hopeful something will.

Thanks to everyone who came out to this show and especially to those who helped out!

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