June 28th, 2002 - Sandy Creek Firehall, Franklin PA

(meny pix of all bands that played at bottom of page)

Original Lineup:
-2 a.m. Revolution (Baltimore-x A//Political)
-Teddy Duchamp's Army (Pittsburgh)
-Twirpentines (Meadville)
-Drawndown (debut Franklin meta)
-Vilette (debut Grove City thrash)

I saw this show as the beginning of some much needed steadiness on my end of things with shows. Things were settling down, I had a reliable venue, I was getting a steady and consistent large turnout- things were looking good. I was going to start building myself out of the financial hole from the Barrow Civic Theatre incident and I was also going to start buying newspaper ad space for future shows since everything was looking steady. This all soon changed.

The show itself seemed to go really really well until the very end of it. I had created this show around the Baltimore band 2 am Revolution and was psyched that they were playing. Not only were they going to stop here in Franklin, but they drove 6 hours from Baltimore JUST for this show, so that was also very cool. I had seen them last summer and knew they were a good band, so it was exciting to expose them to the scene around here. I knew not everyone would be into it- that's to be expected, but some people did dig them and I was happy that they went over well with at least some people. The other bands overall went over well also. The twirps are always a crowd pleaser, and everyone seemed excited to see Teddy Duchamp. It was cool to have the two debut bands make their first appearance also. Drawndown had a solid, raw sound with distinct metal rhythems while Vilette was very distinct in combining a scream-o style with strong musicianship.

The show itself was going fine, but on my end, I was concerned largely with keeping everyone inside as much as possible. Bob, the fire guy, was leery from the last concert and the cops showing up b/c of the kids on the road, and he wanted NO incidents like that whatsover this time. He asked me to keep everyone inside as much as possible and I tried to do that without going overboard. People were pretty good about it, but regardless, a neighbor ended up calling and complaining. I was told that after next Friday's show, we wouldn't be allowed to have any more concerts there period. Surprizingly, I really didn't care at all when he told me that- I was tired of tip-toeing around and having our arrangement be on such thin-ice. It was just so stressful to constantly be on the lookout so things could continue to happen there. In the end it just wasn't worth the stress for me, so it was probably not entirely a bad thing. As long as I was allowed to get through my next show on the 5th.

That soon changed. Three days later, on Monday, July 1st, one of the fire dudes called and said they had found profanities written on the building and also chew spit and ice cream slopped onto the side of the building. Consequently, I was now not allowed to even have the show on the 5th happen- I had to relocate or cancel altogether. There are definitely a few pieces of trash that come to these shows for the wrong reasons and they need to be weeded out. I'll pick up here in the next section.

Pix taken by M.T.Moon of The Trip Productions.

2 a.m. Revolution

Teddy Duchamps Army



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