MAY 31ST *PUNK PROM* Sandy Creek Firehall, Franklin PA

(sorry, no pix here either)

Original Lineup:
-Haymarket Riot (Chicago Indie)
-Pikadori (Pittsburgh)
-Better Off Dead (Pittsburgh)
-Twirpentines (Meadville)
-Lark (Franklin)
-Geography (Grove City)
-**Tekulvi (Chicago Indie-added late)

Yeah, punk prom was a long show- lots of good bands though I thought. Ashlee from Franklin first thought of the idea in response to there being no punk prom going on that year. Tradition holds that there is one annually in the area that is usually a pretty big event. Greg Knowles, long time scenester, Spanish teacher, and guitarist of "Foxhole" was originally putting this year's prom on, but couldn't find an adequate venue before all the shin-dig went down in April about partnering up with the firehall. The event he originally had slated as "prom" still went on, but he changed the gears of it to a poetry and literature-theme along with some bands. After things worked out with Sandy Creek and with Greg's "O.K" of putting on another event with the prom theme, we decided to go ahead with it and also use it as the first benefit show for the fire department as per our set-up with them.

We deliberately made it big. We originally were looking only to have bands as far away as Pittsburgh come up and play to cut down costs, but that soon changed. In my efforts to try and get ahold of someone to have "The Locust" play in Franklin, I met up with Brian from "Boo-King" tours. Instead of talks moving forward with "The Locust", he wanted to know if I could help him out with setting up "Haymarket Riot" up with a canceled date. I checked out their online songs, realized that they rock faces off, and got them to jump on the benefit. The lineup soon got confirmed with some really good local bands and also some from Pittsburgh that already had a name in the area- "Pikadori" and "Better Off Dead". In the end it was definitely a decent bill that I was excited to have going on up there.

As with all DIY shows, things inevitably pop up and this was no exception. Somewhere around a couple weeks before the show, (maybe three?), I got a call from Greg in "Tekulvi". They had just found out that they were going to be touring alongside "Haymarket" and wanted to see if there was still room for them on the show. Eeek- we were already at 6 bands. I listened to their stuff and also came to the quick conclusion that they're face-melt meter was in the red and couldn't say no. The whole idea I started doing these was to bring more out of town acts in, and if one asks to play that is obviously talented- how could i turn them away?

They jumped on the bill, and we capped it off at a 7-band lineup over a 5-hour time span. The only thing that came up was that a cop showed up. He was called because some kids were skateboarding on the road but there was never risk of anyone getting in trouble or the show getting stopped. In the end, I made the personal promise to myself to never have an event with more than 5 bands- EVER. Turnout was great, there was over 150 people that showed up and we raised over 300$ for the fire company- not shabby.

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